What has been your experience with online casinos?

I am looking into gambling on online casinos. I’ve played poker on fulltilt and pokerstars and enjoyed that. I was wondering how online casinos were when it comes to safety and security? Are they safe and secure when it comes to playing with real money. Is it easy to deposit and withdraw money. If so…which online casinos are the safest and most secure with the best ease of play and transactions…basically what is the best online casino.

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  1. be very wary of online casinos. Its always best to stick to a name that you have heard of. For example if you’re not in the US then the top 3 sites to look at would be 32Red (best online casino 6 times and most reputable casino twice) , ladbrokes or william hill (almost 200 years of gambling experience between them).

    In the US – Cherry Red is a secure place and is vetted by the same people who do a lot of the state lotteries.

    have a look here for a full list of reputable online casinos,


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  2. Stars and Tilt are both very safe, deposits and withdrawals are easy in my experience.

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  3. Welcome to online casino. First of all you have to know about all the casino games & their tricks & tips to play. Then do practice with free games. After getting familiar you should play for real money. But try to play at reputed sites only. Try CoolCat Casino, its safest & having all the latest casino games.


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  4. Start playing online casino games but don’t be addicted.

    Try CatsEye Casino for online casino games.


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  5. Don’t be addicted of playing casino games. Its my personal experience play online casino games only for fun.

    Try ClubPlayer Casino.


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  6. DO NOT expect to win at any online casino over the long term!!!

    short term MAYBE you get lucky, but the odds of that are not good either

    Online casino games are computer programs created for the owners, the house edges are built in, you might be playing blackjack or craps or baccarat and thinking you are only at a small house edge, but its similar to playing a slot machine, the house edge on computer software is through the roof!!!!

    NEVER heard of a professional gambler at online casino games.

    Poker is different as you are playing against other players,

    with online casinos the house wants to win, be CERTAIN of that.

    its not provable these games are rigged or fraudulent, but to have the expectation of winning long term i think is naive at best!

    they are safe, they are secure, they will gladly take your money and hope you play their software and casino games, but the odds of beating these games are pretty bad

    if you think you can beat the odds at these games, take your best shot, but DO NOT bet what you cant afford to lose, because the odds you see it again, is a lot less than the odds of you losing it all.

    Good Luck

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  7. Hey Drew,

    That very good question come on every online casino game players mind. If your are playing on some trusted online casino then you are on the safest and secure place. Bet always play on trusted online casino which implements internet security services for online money transaction. Play with real money is also safe on trusted online casino site and your transaction will also be very secured during deposit or withdrawal.
    As asked about online casino so I want to suggest you to play at http://www.goldstreamcasino.com/ ( GoldStream Casino ). GoldStream is a trusted and secured online casino site having 100+ online casino games including slots, video poker, blackjack, keno etc.

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  8. Cirrus Casino January 9, 2010 at 1:34 am

    stay safe with http://www.cirruscaisno.net

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  9. I do not know the best ones online, but I do know of many, many bad ones, some of them are simply scams. Be very careful if you decide to choose one, be sure to search Yahoo with the casino name and the word scam after it.

    Here is a link to the Online Casino Blacklist, avoid any casino on this list, for the reasons given on the page. http://www.thedoverpro.com/blacklist.htm

    Good luck!

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  10. You can see the results of the annual players polls here:
    http://www.smartplayers.net/Top20.htm – in multiple gambling categories including “Best Online Casino”, “Top Casino Reputation”, “Quickest Payouts” and more.

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  11. My personal favorite offers great service, the best privacy/security, and the highest payout percentage available! I have great results with their multi hand blackjack. http://www.sportsbook-ratings.net/Diamond.php

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  12. ive made over 1500 dollars on full tilt poker since last month

    Its my favorite site
    you get a 100% deposit bonus plus another bonus if you use referral code terrapins44 when prompted

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  13. Online casinos has become the major recreational activity for players . For me its a great experience. As online casinos offers many great deals in playing thats why more players are attracted towards it. From the safety point of view its ok .

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