For players who are interested in trialing the casino and the games that are offered, there is no catch to free cash bonus money. However, for people who are only interested in the bonus money and have no desire to actually play at the casino, there is a bit of catch. The catch is known as wagering requirements and it is a catch that is associated with any free cash bonus that an online casino offers.

The Benefits of Free Cash Bonus Money

For players who are interesting in trialing a casino and its games, free cash bonus money is a huge attraction. No deposit bonuses are awarded to a customer who signs up at a casino without him having to make any deposits. In other words, no deposit bonuses can be used to trial a casino without any risk to player’s bankroll. Since the customer is planning to use the bonus money in order to trial the casino – in other words, to play at the casino, meeting the wagering requirements should be no problem and should not limit you in any way.

Why Casinos Set Wagering Requirements

Casinos set wagering requirements on their free cash bonus money specifically to create a catch for customers who do not actually want to play at the casino. They are set in place to prevent customers from accepting the cash bonus money and then immediately withdrawing the money. This would allow customers to casino hop between multiple casinos and simply collect as many bonus money offers as they can without playing at the casino at all.

Wagering Requirement Limits

Different casinos set different wagering requirements for their different bonuses, but the concepts behind the wagering requirements are likely to be similar between most bonuses.

The wagering requirements will specify which games can and can’t be played as part of the bonus. Some casinos will offer a mini casino for bonus sessions which limits the games that you can choose from. Others will allow you to choose from a larger selection of games.

The wagering requirements will set a maximum betting limit for use during bonus sessions to prevent you from winning with one lucky bet. The casino will set the volume of bets that you are required to play before you can cash out your winnings. In other words, if you win $20 and the wagering requirements are set at 10x, you will be required to bet 10 x $20 ($200) before you can cash in your winnings. Progressive jackpot wins may not be available to you during bonus sessions.

The Best Free Cash Bonuses

The best free cash bonuses will offer large bonus amounts with low wagering requirements. Even for those people who truly want to use the bonus money to trial and play at the casino, the lower the wagering requirements set on the bonus the better. If used correctly, free cash bonus money can help you to boost your bankroll and increase your chances of winning.

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