The demand for online casino gambling has gone up and this is one strong reason why there is a sudden growth in the new online casinos. We can literally see new casinos launched almost every month. Since there are so many casinos online it may be a slight challenge for the customers to compare and choose the best casino. Due to this, the casinos try to come up with something innovative each time that is unique to that particular portal. They feel the USP of that site alone can be a great factor to attract new clients. One such unique feature that is offered by some sites are casino bonuses that can give the customers a great value.

Free Casino Bonuses- What Are the Various Types

There are plenty of free casino bonuses that are offered. However there are some types of bonuses that are offered by various casinos that are common in all. It is not that all the casinos will be offering the same type of bonuses, but will be similar to each other when you see the overall benefits. The common types of bonuses that are offered are

  • No deposit bonus
  • Welcome bonus
  • Reload bonus
  • Alternative payment method bonus
  • High roller bonus
  • Refer a friend bonus
  • Free play promotions
  • Unique prizes and Merchandise

Details of the Wagering Requirements

There are certain wagering requirements that are attached to all the bonuses offered at these casinos. They are nothing but the conditions or the limits that are normally imposed on these bonuses. This can be a limit either on the bonus money or when it comes to withdrawal facility. This will let you know how much of withdrawal you can do from the bonus money.

Advantages of choosing Free Casino Bonuses

If these casino bonuses are used in the right way, you can be sure to be in the game for a longer period of time as it would help you boost your bankroll in such a way. It is natural that if you stick on to the game for a longer period of time, there are chances of you winning the game.

For example the no deposit bonus will let you enjoy a free trial with the software and thereby the game using real money. This would not affect your bank roll and hence there is least risk. In fact such bonuses are offered without you making a deposit in your account and yet help you enjoy the amount you win.

Some ways to play at the casino that can give you lot of fun and entertainment are

  • Themed promotions
  • Feature Promotions
  • Unique Prize Scheme

The main aim for providing these bonuses is to give the facility to the player to play their favourite games and at the same time run for the extra prizes that are offered.

How to look for a Casino keeping Free Casino Bonuses in Mind

Although it is not the right strategy to select an online casino based on the free casino bonus it offers, these small things can help you make a clear decision. More than the casino bonuses you need to look into the security, licensing and the reliability of the casino before you choose one. You need to make sure if the casino can offer the games you actually want to play and if the software can really help you play the game without any hindrance. You also need to check the payment options and the methods of withdrawal so that you are sure of the complete process. Keeping all this in mind and the free casino bonuses that are offered you can choose to go for a particular casino that can be the right one for you. In any case the most ideal combination would be low wagering and high bonus combination.