This is an exclusive bonus that is offered to all new customers. It is important to note that not all casinos offer such bonuses to their new customers. This is different from bonuses offered to new players or also known as welcome or sign up bonuses. The No deposit casino is a draw card.

Meaning of No Deposit Bonus

If a bonus is awarded to a new comer where they can play without any deposit it is called as No deposit bonus. This bonus is not available to all but only to new customers who may have not yet created any deposit in their account online. This bonus amount is usually fixed and is generally less than $25.

No deposit Bonus- How to Claim this Amount

If you are a new comer and would love to claim your no deposit bonus then you need to choose the appropriate site and sign up. You may have to open a real money account as you sign up. Since you are a new comer it is better for you not to open a real money account till the time you do not qualify for the bonus. This is because if you deposit the amount, you would be automatically disqualified for the bonus. Once the account is open you can place a request for the deposit. There are some online casinos that would need the bonus code for you to claim the bonus you can find these codes easily. Make sure you enter these codes as it is provided so that you qualify for the bonus.

What is the Motive of offering No deposit Bonus

Today with the help of the technology online gambling has become very popular. You can find many online casinos that pull you towards them with their unique selling proposition. There are so many online casinos because the demand from people who want to play online casino. Due to the increase in the demand, it is important for the casinos to offer something unique to the customers in order to pull their niche segment towards them. One way is to offer bonuses that can attract both the new players and the old players.

Advantages of going for No Deposit Bonuses

The bonuses offered like No Deposit are mainly because the players can play some trial games before they actually go for depositing their money. This no deposit bonus actually helps the new players not to take too much risk as far as their money is concerned. For all those who want to try playing this game, no deposit bonus is a big boon and a fantastic chance to understand the formalities of the game. It is important to know that all the winnings from this deposit can be withdrawn after taking into consideration the requirements of wagering.

Before you start playing the game understand the wagering amount as the amount of your withdrawal would depend on that.