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Casino bonuses can be a great way for online gamers to potentially increase their winnings and the enjoyment they get out of an online casino. One of the most well known and much appreciated features of land based casinos for years has been the comps and prizes casinos offers to players for sticking to a single casino and playing with a lot of cash. Well, online casinos are no different and have quickly become just as focused on comp, bonuses, and other loyalty programs just as much as land based casinos.

Two of the most popular bonus programs that online casinos offer these days are the comp and loyalty bonuses. As opposed to sign up bonuses, deposit, and match type bonuses, comp bonuses and loyalty bonuses aren’t automatic bonuses. In other words, you won’t get these bonuses just for signing up and depositing at a casino, instead getting these bonuses and prizes depends on time spent at a casino and money spent at a casino.

In terms of comps, or complementary, points at a casino, just about every online casino offers some version of these. Traditionally, land based casinos would offer comps through the pit boss and they would usually come in the form of stacks of chips, or complementary items at the hotel and restaurant of the casino. These days, online casinos typically offer two kinds of comps; cash and noncash comps. Cash prizes are exactly what they sound like. Casinos will give cash prizes to players who put a certain amount of money into the casino. Once a player has actually played or spent the money at a certain game, the casino will reward you with a cash prize. The same goes for non-cash comps; If you add enough money to the games, the casino may present you with bonuses like gift packages, vacations, and sometimes even cars and other large items.

Comps can be very lucrative but you have to put a lot of money into a casino before you usually see comps, especially for the larger more expensive items like vacations. But the other kind of loyalty bonuses that casinos may offer are long term player bonuses. Long term player bonuses are bonus rewards that reward a player for the length of time they have been an active player at a casino. These casino bonuses are good for players that may not have the bank roll to inject huge sums of money into a casino but can afford to play quite frequently for a long time. Once a casino recognizes you as a player whose been playing there for a long time say a year or more, you may receive notice of any number of prizes that will be heading your way, from cash bonuses to other gift packages.

Some casinos reward the players with a certain status. Depending on the status casino players would benefit of getting special casino offers huge: huge casino bonuses, less wagering requirements for different loyalty tiers. Loyalty is an aspect of casino that a lot of people overlook. Used properly a player’s loyalty can bring them prizes and bonuses that they would not normally be able to obtain. Sure it is important to seek out casinos with good quality bonuses like sign up bonuses and deposit bonuses but do not underestimate the value of finding a good casino and sticking to that casino for a while. It’s the only way to ensure that you will be able to get the most bonuses that a casino has to offer. So the main point here is stick to a casino offering decent casino bonuses, fair games you like, reliable casino support taking care of its players! Good casinos are rare so finding one is reward enough, but the fact that you will actually get bonuses and prizes for sticking to a casino you like not only makes it rewarding but also lucrative.  

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