How to play the online bingo games?

I m just 14 and i say my brothers friends playing the online bingo games and i doesn’t know how to play this game can anyone provide a correct information regarding this.

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  1. The Bingo cards are of 5 x 5 grids and there are squares in the bingo cards. Except the centre square all having the numbers this Centre space will be free. Fill the card in the shape of a right side up, upside down or sideways capital T.
    I hope this info will surely help you

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  2. You must first register to play online bingo. You will then be given random cards to get you started, the bingo software will callout random numbers from 1 to 75 and just compare these numbers to your cards. The games objective is to make a particular number pattern in order to win. You can use the auto dab feature if you don’t want to manually mark your cards or if playing multiple cards.

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