Where can I find online casinos that are audited by Price WaterHouse Coopers?

I’m tired of getting ripped off by my local Indian casino. I want to play a fair video slot machine online that’s similar to Cleopatra or Queen of the Nile, but I want to make sure it’s fair.

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  1. All casinos listed on the page below are audited each month by Price Waterhouse Coopers. The payout percentage is broken down by type of game offered and overall payout percentages. You can also view the actual PWC reports on this site too! An excellent resource that will be just what you are looking for!

    Most land-based casinos only need to pay 80-85% to get by the local gaming commission. These online casinos have been proven to pay out 95%+ on a monthly basis!

    Also, your Cleopatra/Queen of the Nile game has some very similar games at all of these casinos. Try Ladies Night, Thunderstruck, or Spring Break. They are all neat games that give you 15 free spins at triple the normal payout when you get 3 scatter symbols, just like Cleopatra and Queen of the Nile!!! Good luck!

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  2. Here you go – just what you’re looking for:

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