what is the best place to play online poker?

my dad is wanting to play online poker with no monthly fees. He wants to play for small amounts up to $100. does anyone know a good website for him?

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  1. no poker site charges a monthly fee.The make their money by taking a % of everypot played.This is called the rake.The rake is usually less than 5%. The good news is that you can join a rake back scheme and get upto 60% of the rake collected from you back.This is paid on weekly or monthly basis.
    I would recommed you join Fulltilt poker.You will not have to make a deposit.There are many freeroll tournaments with cash prizes.This will help you practice your game risk free,and hopefully get you a few dollars if you do well.
    When you are ready you can make your first deposit and get a bonus to match it $ for $ upto $600.
    If you check my blog I have links to fulltilt poker and rake back schemes.Plus you can might learn a few things from my experiences.


    P.S if you join the rakeback scheme you will get free entries into weekly free tournaments paying upto $5000 in prizes

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  2. GamblingMaster April 2, 2010 at 12:41 am

    Fulltilt poker is the best poker site. They have best bonus offer and over 500 000 players. You can find more info about the site at http://www.bettingwise.com/fulltiltpoker.html

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  3. Pokerstars is a great site for real or fake $ play…try it

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  4. I would say Cake Poker, they have limits as low as 4 cent/8 cent blinds, and you can earn rakeback on the site as well through sites like http://www.ultimatepokerbankroll.com so it’s a good way to play with a small bankroll but slowly build it up. They also have a lot of bonuses and reloads, and a good VIP shop for players.

    They also have a lot of low buy in tournaments, including a bunch of freerolls that are going on now. All you have to do is cash in one of the gold cards you get on the site and the prize pool for the freerolls is 5,000 dollars or so.

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  5. I won about two grand on Pokerstars just today, so I’m going to say there.

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  6. FORUM About POKER

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