What is a better bet, the typical state lottery or online slots?

I keep buying about $100 worth of scratch-off tickets a month, but hardly ever win. I’ve heard that the slots online are better than vegas slots and better than the lottery. If so, how can I be sure?

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  1. neither thats why the call it a gamble

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  2. You might as well wipe your butt with your money if you are spending it on scratch off lottery tickets. Most state lotteries pay back roughly 50%, quite possibly the worst bet in gambling on the face of the earth. You are better off playing 3 card monty in an alley than playing the state run lottery games.

    Online casinos vary widely in payout. The best thing you can do is find online casinos that are audited by third party auditors like Price Waterhouse Coopers.

    A list of online casinos that are reviewed on a monthly basis by PWC for fairness can be found at http://www.ranked-online-casinos.com/payout-percentages.html

    The casinos listed here are audited for fairness and most pay back between 94%-98% on their games. This is much better than Las Vegas on average. Good luck!

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  3. Look at it this way, when playing a state lottery you are up against about a million others….when playing online slots you are up against MILLIONS of others….you do the math. When playing scratch offs, i always buy the low numbered tickets, and win about $20 for every $5 i spend. Good Luck!!

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  4. neither

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  5. Just play the stock market same kind of gamble

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