do all online casinos ask you for an id for all withdrawals?

I’m 17 about to be 18 in 2 months but I wanna play on an online casino. thing is that I dont know if the casino will want proof of id everytime I want to get some money out.are there any casinos that wont ask everytime? or do they randomly do it so I may get some cash out?

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  1. Every Casino asks for some sort of ID, but I when I was 17 I played on Bodog and just waited until I was a few months over 18 to cash out. I didnt have any problem and got a check for a little over 1200 in 7 days. But make sure when you cash out your over 18 because if not your screwed.

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    If you cant sign up, just use your parents birthday. And when you withdraw ask them to do it. No parent would say no to a couple thousand dollars

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  2. LegFuJohnson April 23, 2010 at 4:01 am

    Just don’t ask for a cash out then for a couple months. It’s not like you put money in and take money out everytime you play…

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  3. Yes, to confirm your id and age all online casinos and poker rooms (at least the big and reputed one’s) ask for a Photo ID, like valid driver’s license/passport or any other government issued document.
    Also they can ask for residential proof in the form of cell phone bills or insurance papers.

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  4. The big (and trustworthy) online casinos and cardrooms use third party age verification services to verify your age. These services are usually pretty accurate.

    When you make your first deposit, they will check these services to verify that you are 18 or older. If they determine that you are underage, they will deny your deposit and tell you to contact customer support if you want to continue. If you contact customer support, they will ask you to email in your proof of age.

    When you withdraw funds, they might ask you for ID. This is more for fraud prevention than it is for age verification.

    You can either take your chances with a less reputable site which won’t check your age or you can try using an established site and (possibly) deal with their customer service team.

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