Online Bingo. Funding Options for US Players

Since the passage of the unpopular Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) many US online bingo players have been confused as to the legality of online bingo and the funding methods left available to them.

Several of the major players in this business such as Neteller have been prosecuted for activities that are perfectly legal in their own countries resulting in heavy fines and settlements with the US government. To avoid similar prosecutions several companies have swiftly pulled out of the US market suffering substantial monetary losses.

These companies include, Neteller, Citadel, My Citadel, InstaDebit, FirePay, Central Coin, and Pre Paid ATM.

Already several startup payment processors have started to appear but they lack the longevity and credibility of the older established firms. Put quite simply these new companies do not have a history to substantiate their claims of services provided. One of the unintended consequences of UIGEA is the appearance of payment processors who may or may not be honest and above board.

We have done some research and found several reliable payment processors that are still available to US online bingo players.

Of course one of the simplest methods to fund deposits and withdrawals from online bingo sites is an offshore bank account. This is not a popular method due to the amount of paperwork involved and balance requirements. What follows is a list of companies that still have the courage to serve US players.

Click2Pay- If you already have an account the will process your deposits and withdrawals but they are not accepting new accounts from the US.

ePassporte-They are accepting US players and accounts can be funded with, A valid bank account, credit or debit cards.

eWalletExpress- They are accepting US players. Accounts may be funded by, basic checking, Xpressfunds, 900pay, bank wire and money order.

900pay-Currently accepting US players this service is one of the more unusual funding methods. This service allows deposits to online bingo sites and the transaction appears on the client’s phone bill. Ju

UseMyBank-This unique service allows players to use their banks existing online bill payment service. All that is needed is a valid e mail address and telephone number.

Immediate Deposit-This service allows the player to use their visa or Master Card to purchase a calling card which can then be used for casino credits. This method is good for deposits only. Another method must be used for withdrawals.

Western Union-One of the oldest methods. There is some confusion with the status of gambling transactions. Check for current information.

MyWebATM-This is a brand new company providing funding for online bingo and accounts are accessible at most ATMs. Since this is a new service many bingo sites and casinos do not offer this funding option yet.

Wire Transfer-One of the oldest and least known deposit methods. The only drawback is the length of time it takes, typically 2 to 5 days.

Add-Funds-A new service that allows US players to fund their online bingo accounts with their credit cards. It is essentially another service where clients buy phone time to be exchanged for credits at the site they choose to play at.

FedEX-Players may fund accounts via FedEX. This involves sending cashiers checks or bank drafts to the site operators.

PIN Debit- This new service allows players to link their PIN Debit to their personal bank accounts both checking and savings. Winnings can be transferred to bank accounts using this service.

Some of the companies providing these services are new and their reliability has not been established. Players need to do careful research when looking for an account funding solution.

Unfortunately US players are finding it increasingly hared to fund accounts directly using their credit cards. Most CC companies and banks have a code that denotes a gambling transaction and given the current atmosphere in the US that transaction is likely to be declined leaving the player in limbo. For the time being third party services seem to be the best solution. Keep right on playing and good luck!

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