Is It Better To Play Online Poker Or At A Live Cardroom?

Many players today are choosing to play online poker instead of at a traditional cardroom. There are a number of advantages to playing online vs. playing in a land-based casino but both forms of poker do have their pluses and minuses. Professional poker players prefer to play online but some actually will play online and in a cardroom. The main difference, and it is a big one, between online poker and cardroom poker is the amount of hands played. There are so many more hands played at online poker rooms as compared to a cardroom.

Sometimes the difference can be four or five times as many hands. The ability to play multiple games at once is another difference. You can have many games going on at one time on your computer with online poker while you can only play in one game at a time in a cardroom. With online poker you can play from anywhere while cardroom poker forces you to go into the casino. You also have a lot more choices at an online poker site. You can find the exact game, limit and table that fit how you want to play. That is much more difficult at a local cardroom. You can also choose to play at home with online poker and that gives you a comfort level that can’t be duplicated at a cardroom. Play poker online at Bodog and win the ultimate sports fan package for two tickets to the Super Bowl, MLB World Series, the Stanley Cup finals and the NBA finals.

While the advantages at an online poker site far outweigh a local cardroom, there are a few things about playing live that make it appealing. The ability to look right at another player and get the feel of what he has is an advantage to playing live. You will also likely be playing with the same players at a local cardroom and that can be to your advantage. You will be able to pick up tells and patterns about the players easier than you would playing when playing poker online. If you are a player that likes a slower pace than playing in a local cardroom would be a good choice.

The action is much slower and there is less action. For many of today’s online poker players that is not a good thing but for a poker veteran, sometimes a slower pace is a good thing. Online poker has far more advantages to playing live but that doesn’t mean there is not a place for both types of poker. In fact, some people like to play online and in a cardroom and that is never a bad idea. Play poker at Bodog and receive a 110% sign-up bonus, 100% reload bonus and play for your tickets in the ultimate sports fan package.

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