Do you use multiple computer screens to play online poker?

Looking at upgrading to a multiple computer screen system to play online poker with. How many screens do you use?

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  1. Shadow Countess April 1, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    No and one.

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  2. You only use one screen for online poker

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  3. Each day that passes results in a surge of the use of multiple monitor computers. And there are several reasons why. I’m going to share with you a few of these reasons, and by the time you finish reading, you may be searching for the reasons why you haven’t already upgraded to a multiple monitor system.

    Forex traders are probably the top purchaser of multiple monitor computers. And there is good reason. When it comes to day trading or currency exchange, the last thing you have time to do is figure out which task bar is needed to make a quick exchange. With multiple monitors this no longer an issue, when the timing is right, you simply look up, down, to the left or to the right. This gives the forex or day trader time to make split second decisions and increase profits. If you’ve been trading without multiple monitors the only question you should ask is why?

    Poker players are another top buyer of multiple monitor computers. Having multiple screens allows players to have more tables open and therefore play more hands per hour. So if you think about it like any professional online poker player, it really comes down to the math. If you’re able to play on one or two tables with only one monitor, imagine what you can do with 6. The profit increases exponentially. When it comes to math, poker players are on the top of the scale.

    Video game advocates and simulator nuts are number three on the list. When it comes to video games realistic graphics are a priority, but having more screen space is just about as important. Whether it’s RPGs or real life fighting and action, gamers prefer more screen space. And flight simulators need the additional screen space to create the peripheral type views that give flight simulators a realistic feel. The gaming experienced is improved with better graphics and more screen space.

    The recording industry isn’t new, but using multiple monitors to control Pro Tools or whatever recording software you use may save you time and create a better recording experience. These guys are catching on and are the number four buyer of multi screen computer systems. Having the additional space makes the job easier. If you’re still convinced that using a Mac with one screen is best, consider this, some of the most talented and brightest producers and engineers in Hollywood as well as elsewhere have now started using multiple monitors to make the recording process flow more smoothly.

    Number five on the list is you and me. I use multiple monitors because it allows me to increase my productivity. I usually have the news on one monitor, my music on another, a few Firefox browsers open and a couple just in case I need additional space. I write reviews for a living, so being able to quickly browse the net for research without having to minimize and maximize repeatedly saves me time. And at the end of the day, time really is money. I can produce more material and provide a better living for me and my family, and having multiple monitors has played a significant role in being able to do so.

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  4. it is worth it, monitors are quite cheap now a days too. i play with 2.

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  5. No, coz first it is not required at, second it is quite hassle trying to look at each screen time to time, you won’t be able to concentrate on your bets and cards

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  6. I play at Poker Stars and want to be able to see my table (I rarely play more than one) and the tournament table, so that I know how close I am to cashing, lets me know how tricky I can be as we get to the cash.

    So, I use a laptop with an ATI Catalyst system and can add a monitor and extend my desktop onto the monitor. Usually look at my table on the screen and the tournament on the monitor

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