Deposit And No Deposit Casino Bonuses Secrets Or How To Play For Free On Casino Money

When we are speaking about the merits of online casinos, we are sure to mention bonuses. Word “bonus” is becoming more and more popular in players vocabulary. Almost every online casino use to offer bonuses to players to get them in the game. Online casino bonuses represent money that accrues on the casino player account.

If we try to categorise the types of casino bonus offers, we find at least three reasons for the classification:

– Depending on whether a deposit is required to obtain a bonus, they can be divided into deposit and no deposit.

– Depending on for the new or existing player available, they can be divided in bonuses during registration and repeated ones.

– Depending on the possibility of withdrawing bonus money from the account can be divided into “zero risks”, “normal” and “sticky”.

The main separation is to for deposit and no deposit online casino bonuses.

Then deposit bonuses are divided into:

A match bonus – a player makes a deposit, not less than a certain amount, and receive a fixed amount of casino money as a bonus. One of the most common types of bonuses – $100 for a deposit of $100, but on practice the sum of bonuses and the deposits required can range from $20 to $800 depend on casino terms.

A percentage bonus – a player makes a deposit and receive a percentage (usually 20-30%) of its value as a bonus. These kinds of bonus benefit for large deposits, the maximum value of such a bonus, usually $150 – $500.

A Zero risk (risk-free bonus, cash back) – a player makes a deposit, but did not immediately receive a bonus. If a player is going to lose their money, the lost amount will be returned to his account as a bonus. Usually casinos return lost money during one day and the amount of returned funds is up to $100.

Bonuses on alternative deposit methods (alternate deposit methods bonuses) – usually a small fixed ($20 – $50) or a percentage of deposited amount (5-15%) bonus, but this kind of bonuses applied only when a player does not make the deposit with a credit card, but use the one of the alternatives ways: by bank transfer (Wire Transfer), with the help of MyCitadel, NETELLER, MoneyBookers, etc.

No deposit bonuses are divided into:

A Bonus for registration (download bonus, sign-up bonus) – player receives a small amount of money ($1 – $25) as the expense simply for the fact that he registered in the casino.

A Bonus for the vote (voting bonus) – the player votes for a casino on one of the popular gambling sites, casino receives confirmation of vote and adds bonuses. Typically, a bonus can be received each month.

A Bonus “tell a friend” (Refer-a-Friend bonus) – let your friends know about casinos, and if he/she will make a casino deposit, you get a small bonus ($10 – $50). Player must send casino e-mail or fill out a small form for confirmation.

A Bonus Casino Play Time, for example 1 hour of free casino play with bonus money. Amount of bonus money can be usually up to $500. After gaming casino player can withdraw money from their account. This kind of “bonuses” become more and more popular this days.

Casino tries great efforts to attract new players, so most of deposit bonuses, and bonuses are given only for the registration of new players – those who have never played in this casino. However, it is essential not just to attract new players, but also keep the player as long as possible, so many of the existing casinos offer bonuses for existing players.

Bonuses for existing players can be timed to the holiday (Christmas, New Year, etc.) or may present on regularly basis (very popular so-called monthly bonuses, a player receives a bonus for every first deposit in the month), or offered exclusively to certain players (usually those who have not played in casinos, or, conversely, those who are long and many plays).

Bonuses on alternative deposit method often given for each deposit, as well “vote bonuses” and “tell a friend” inherently are of bonuses for existing players. If you are reading to this point, you have already decided that the bonuses – is being gifts for players and devastation to the casino, but is not a plane. Casino understands that the “free elephants distribution” not in it’s interest, therefore, bonuses accompanied by conditions. The main condition – the player has to make a certain amount of rates (wager). Usually requires that the value of bids made by the sum of bonus in excess of 15-30 times, although there are deviations in as much, up or down sides. Moreover, usually forbidden to place bets in games such as roulette, dice, baccarat (in these games bets can be put in such a way that a player does not lose in any case), and in many casinos also prohibited blackjack and video poker (casino advantage in those games not big enough). After the player made the necessary number of bids, it can withdraw all remaining amount from player’s account, consisting of deposit, bonus and gains.

However, there are some exceptions – the so-called “sticky” (for wagering purposes only) bonuses received from casino software distribution companies. A player cannot withdraw this kind of bonus from his account, a bonus amount is subtracted from the current balance and remains on the account. Until the required number of bids made, the player can usually only withdraw only deposit or deposits plus winnings (minus deposit losers), but not a bonus amount or cannot withdraw money at all.

Anyway, there is a casinos, where the player can withdraw the deposit, even if he lost the entire bonus, such bonuses becoming more and more popular, and it’s known as Zero risk bonuses (the player don’t risk of his deposit and plays only for the bonus money). In addition to these types of cash bonuses, casinos also offer special bonuses for VIP players, players lotteries with cash prizes, tournaments with prizes for the winners, birthday gifts to the player, etc.

If a casino offers bonuses, why not take them! Main – not abuses the generosity of the casino – not just try to withdraw money from the account. Furthermore, do not forget to read carefully the terms of bonuses, that the withdrawal did not raise any problems.

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