What effects does online casinos have on the industry at large?

Has there been any studies conducted on the effects of online casinos? Are they taking away business from land based casinos? Are they increasing business?
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  1. Mick Shrimton January 8, 2010 at 5:56 am

    Well, good luck citing this on your term paper, but…

    I think a lot of online casinos get business from players who don’t live near a real life casino. Casinos still remain a destination for people who want to go there for the experience, anyway. I doubt there is much of an effect. There is probably more effect on money leaving a country to go to another that is housing online casinos. But I doubt it’s a noticeable drop in the pool.

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  2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx January 8, 2010 at 6:15 am

    you need to study GDP and trends…. I believe that many of the rules
    favor off shore companies and the trend is on a 10,000 PERCENT A YEAR INCREASE <<<<<< you need to get your own facts on that growth wise... just google online growth trends... BUT JUST LIKE NAFTA when ross perot a billionaire said " you will hear a giant sucking sound of job lost and money out of this country if it's passed"... then his LIFE WAS THREATENED by the very people who control the world... ( true ) THE NEXT WEEK he quit being public and pulled out of the presidential race for fear of his life and family being harmed or kids.. SO YES MORE PEOPLE WITH JOBS AND MONEY are showing up to the casino's but WHAT'S THE PROVABLE TREND IS YOUR QUESTION... YOUR TEACHER WILL DEMAND PROOF OF the land base casino's shrinking or growing and that trend vrs ONLINE casino's sales trends and the implications of future forecasts and WHY that is.. good luck.... you should also tie in FAIR TRADE and how those parrels may be vital in understanding how world laws and our laws produce results AND INFLUX OF GROWTH OR DECREASE WILL BE UP TO YOU BY TRACKING 10 years ago, 5, past 3 years current trend and forecast arguments between land based future earnings and online and how the laws of what countries vrs ours vrs online laws and trends compare...... and intellectual thought but would make you seem witty! HERE is some facts to get your thoughts flowing again populate your own but these may foster direction.... What is the potential magnitude of this problem? Should practitioners and their clients be concerned? Part of the answer lies in the growing number of people participating in gambling. In 2000, the U.S. General Accounting Office reported that legalized gambling had spread to every state, except Utah and Hawaii. (9) Legalized gambling in the U.S. has seen a steady increase since the advent of Indian tribal casinos and the subsequent legalization of casino gambling by states other than Nevada. Gaming revenue for 2002 totaled $68 billion (up from $30 billion in 1992, or 127%), while in 2003, it totaled $73 billion, rising 7.4% from the previous year. (10) Of this total, $40 billion stems from casino revenue. (11) In addition, for 2004 (the most recent data available), 1.7 million taxpayers reported gambling winnings in the IRS totaling $23.3 billion. This is up from the 1.5 million taxpayers in 2003 who reported winnings of $19 billion. (12) An estimated 86% of Americans have participated in gambling in some form, and 63% reported gambling at least once in the past year. (13) The number of individuals visiting casinos in 2003 was 53 million--more than one quarter of the U.S. adult population. (14) Tax advisers should assume the same percentages apply to their clients, as gambling cuts across demographic and regional boundaries. As one tax observer recently noted, "Gambling is increasingly looked upon as a legitimate entertainment option akin to sporting events, the theater, and amusement parks." (15) What are the practical consequences of the spread of gambling?

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  3. Its true that people alwaz select those that they find convenient for them. For most people those who reside faraway from a brick and mortar casino these online casinos form to be the right way to play and enjoy themselves. With the emergence of the internet casinos, people have started to play online. So yes there has been an overall impact on the online casino industry

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