New Study Unveils Online Casino Gamers

Online casinos are huge business and each hour the virtual slots and online blackjack games are played by millions of online players. But who are they? It was a problem that researchers at Nottingham Trent University attempted to solve. Questioning over 10,000 online casino players from across the world, the team at the university attempted to establish just who was clicking onto internet casinos. The study was substantial.

From discovering which was the more popular internet casino game – from online blackjack to internet slots – to investigating the unique motives of internet casino gamers, the investigation attempted to present a detailed view on the patterns of internet casino gamers.

Female players

Women make up fifty-five per cent of internet casino players. The research discovered that females game at least once or twice per week. The majority of the women responded that they had been logging onto internet casinos for between two years.

The majority of women said they were likely to spend one or two hours gaming per week. The duration of time males played for was significantly less.


Although men only make up forty-five per cent of the online casino population, it was discovered that they were likely to play online casino games like online blackjack or online fruit machines for considerably shorter periods than female gamers. The research also discovered that men were likely to game with higher stakes; women were found to game with significantly less money.

Why do gamers play in online casinos?

The study went on to uncover the motivations of online blackjack and several other casino gamers. When asked why they played online casino games, most of the male respondents answered that they preferred the thrill of placing virtual money on internet casino games such as online blackjack.

Women, in contrast, were discovered to play online casino games for relaxation purposes. Playing as a hobby, socialisation and distraction were also found to be the major motivations as to why gamers played internet casino games like online blackjack.

Gamers’ casino choice

The investigation also attempted to answer how online blackjack, poker and slots players picked a favourite online casino. When questioned, over sixty per cent of gamers told researchers that a big amount of casino games – from slot machines to online blackjack – was an important reason for their choice of internet casino. When questioned about any further reasons which influenced their selection of online casino, seventy six per cent of those questioned replied that online bonuses, such as those on online blackjack or slots were essential for them. An online casino should also have an excellent standing, according to those gamers asked in the research.

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