Learn How to Play Online Poker and Be a Pro Someday

Learning how to play online poker is easier than you think.  If you know the basic rules and mechanics of poker, then you will not have any problem playing online. 

In fact, online poker is much simpler, faster, and intuitive because the dealer button is moving automatically, you do not have to compute the pot, and you do not have to count your chips to make a bet.  Everything is programmed by the software so all you have to do is to make a decision by clicking the check, call/raise, or fold command. 

The Basics of Online Poker

There are two ways to play online poker.  First, you can download the client software of any reputable poker room and create a player account so that you can start playing at the virtual tables.  Another option is to play directly on your browser without downloading the software.  There are several popular poker rooms with web based poker rooms. 

When you join an online poker table to play Texas Holdem for example, the format of the virtual room would be similar to real tables.  Simply pick an available seat so that you can participate in the game.  Of course, you need to fund your account so that you can play real money games.  If you want to practice, then you can play for fun or join an unrestricted freeroll. 

What You Need to Do During Online Game

After taking your seat, you will find several command buttons at the bottom of your screen.  These include the check, call, and fold buttons.  If it is your turn to take an action, just click any of the available buttons. 

So if you want to check or call/raise, just click these buttons.  A slider is usually available to increase your bet.  Simply move the slider to your right to increase the bet and hit the raise button.  If you have crappy hole cards, then click the fold button and your cards will be folded. 

If you want to auto-post blinds and to auto-muck your hands, then tick the appropriate boxes for these commands.  The muck and post-blinds boxes are usually located near the main control buttons or at the side of the screen. 

Not all poker clients or software are the same.  So you should expect different types of interface for different online poker rooms.  However, the description above is generally applicable for all online poker rooms.

Winning at Online Poker

Learning how to play online poker also involves learning how to win at the tables.  Here is a valuable hint for you.  Remember that the majority of online poker players are amateurs.  They usually play like mad men making unbelievable bets and pushing all-ins all the time. 

The key is to be patient and wait for your monster hand.  Lure the fishes to your trap so that you can take down lucrative pots.  It is not difficult to learn how to play online poker.  Just keep your cool and wait for great opportunities.  Study the betting patterns of other players to master the game and become a poker pro someday. 

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