is casino bonus just a joke?

i tried it in different casinos in the internet. i think the bonus option is mostly a joke, cause they do not accept every game that you can play to get the bonus. mostly i think you have to play stupid slot-games without a chance to win. am i right or are there any internetcasinos which allow to play 50/50 games like roulette or blackjack to get bonus paid out. thanks for your help

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  2. i think i understand what you mean. but understand the casinos. they are not stupid.

    they do not pay the bonus to you on roulette cause of one reason.
    you could always bet at the same time on red and black. then you will only loose when the zero appears.

    when you do this the 200 plays (or how much you have to gamble with the money to get the bonus in real money) you lose some bucks to the zero but get 100% some money for nothing. then you could go from one internetcasino to the next and do it like that and the casinoindustrie would make millions minus when somebody would tell it to his friend and so on.

    you know? the casinos are not stupid. try another thing to earn with roulette and do not car about the bonusmoney…

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