How To Start Playing Online Poker

Since I created my blog, Extreme Poker I have had many people ask me about playing poker online, questions like “where should I play” or “How much is this going to cost me” or “How do I get my money back” but my favorite question is “why” as simple as that question is, the answer depends on the individual.

For me I play online poker for entertainment, I am not a big money player so it’s not about trying to make a living at it. Moreover it’s about the challenge, my wit against yours. Also I love the drama involved with all the different personalities.

The answer to the ‘why’ question can only come from you. People who ask that question usually have some moral reason against gambling or are internet-weary. So if you want to ‘why’ and can’t think of an answer then online poker is not for you.

As for the rest of you, if you are a newbie, then my initial advice would be to brush up on the lexicon (I have a Glossary of Terms on my Blog). Second, know the hand rankings what hand beats what. You don’t want to be betting a straight against a flush thinking you’re golden. Third, understand that most online players are great people just having some fun, some play for the challenge, others like to meet and chat, some will be nice, some will be rude, some will offer advice others will berate. The cool thing is you choose to interact or not, you can be whoever you want reserved one day and obnoxious the next.

The online poker community is very sophisticated and adapts to whoever you are, you choose what level to play at, as you learn the ins-and-outs and gain confidence you will naturally gravitate to your next challenge. You may find that tournaments are to your liking or one-on-one games or maybe Black-Jack is your calling, heck maybe you will diversify into online casino’s or sports books.

So ‘How do I start playing online poker’ the answer is as simple as can be..

Choose a reputable site
Read their policies about withdrawing money
Choose a Screen Name
Decide if you’re going to play real money or fake
Deposit your money (if you’re playing real money)
Choose a table with Blinds you are comfortable with
Jump in!

I think what people really want to know before jumping in and playing is

1. Is it safe ?
2. Can I get my money back?
3. Is it complicated?
4. Is it legal ?

First of all complicated it is not, every site is user friendly and easy to navigate. I have been playing online for quite some time and have never had an issue with getting my money back, nor have I ever caught a Virus or Malware from any site. I belong to 4 different sites and enjoy the time I spend online. I generally play at Full Tilt Poker under the Screen Name PhxRising. I play 3 to 4 times a week usually in the evening, so if you like look me up and we can become online poker buddies, (I apologize in advance for taking your money).

See ya at the tables!

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