Different Types of Online Casinos

Online casinos are also known as virtual casinos. An online casino is basically the online version of a casino as it allows casino lovers to play casino games through the Internet. Online casinos offer a number of attractive bonuses to the players and players can even win real cash by playing games at online casinos. Generally, a number of gambling games are offered at an online casino. With an online casino, an individual enjoys the casino games without moving out of his home. An interesting thing about online casinos is that the odds and the payback percentages offered are comparable to real-world casinos.

Online casinos have gained significant popularity among casino lovers and over the time, three types of online casinos have been developed. The development in technology is responsible for the development of different types of online casinos. The three types of online casinos differ from each other on the basis of their interface.

Web-Based Online Casinos: A web-based online casino is basically a website that allows users to play casino games from their home. Download of any kind of software is not required in order to play casino games at a web-based online casino. In addition to this, installation of any kind of program is also not required on an end-user’s computer in order to allow him to enjoy casino games at a web-based online casino.

Only a browser is required for playing the games as browser plugins are used for representing casino games. However, browser requires the support for the browser plugins used for representing the game. As the animation, graphics and sound are loaded through the web, a good amount of bandwidth is needed and so, high speed Internet connection is recommended for playing games at a web-based online casino.

Download Based Online Casinos: Unlike web-based online casinos, a download-based online casino requires the online casino software to be available on the client’s machine in order to allow him to play games at the download-based online casino. The online casino software is usually provided by the casino website for free. Once installed, the software needs to connect to the casino service provider whenever the user wants to play the game. The casino software doesn’t require a browser for maintaining the connection with the casino service provider.

The initial download and installation of the casino software takes time as it is usually of big size because all the required sound and graphics components are located in the casino software. Once the online casino software is installed, it is possible to play games faster than the web-based online casino as the graphics and sound components are not loaded from the Internet. However, it is recommended to use reputed download-based online casinos instead of any random download-based online casino as it is very easy to attach a virus in the casino software. So, an individual should always use reputed and trusted websites.

Live Based Casinos: As the name suggests, live-based casinos provide a real world casino environment to players. In live-based casinos, online players can interact with the dealers and the players available at the tables in casino studios. Players are allowed to hear, see and to interact with the dealers and this provides a real world casino experience to the players. Live-based casinos are meant for the players who want to enjoy the real world casino environment while playing online casino games. So, live-based casinos allow the users to enjoy the comforts of the home while enjoying the real world casino experience.

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