Free Poker Money Bonus vs. Casino Bonus

Both poker and casino involve gambling, but they are not the same.

A free poker money bonus has a few advantages from the start by the games platform, in poker games players require luck but mostly require skills.

Once you have learned the basics of poker, a free poker bankroll of 50$ can earn you more by playing online with other players, by outsmarting them. At casinos all is based on luck, most of the time no strategy implied. A 50$ no deposit casino bonus is much harder to find, and it`s almost imposible to withdraw!

It is also imortant to know that casinos make profit by taking your money, on the other half, poker rooms take only the rake, a certain percent of the hand. The best part is that poker scam sites no longer exist, while certain casinos steal your money with an unfair game system.

If you are a depositing player, poker is still the right choice, by depositing you get a so called first deposit bonus or 100% match bonus, that basically doubles your money, you can make withdraws any time, no conditions. You might also unlock freerolls and special tournaments.

Your player status is also increased by every hand you rake, unlocking free gifts and account improvements.

The casino games are made to take your money, as proven you will loose 80% of the time, the best casino game to find is casino holdem, but that can also be found at poker, mostly at poekr rooms..

Poker is more fun and more rewarding, get free poker bankrolls and climb your way to the top.

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