Does anyone know anything about online casinos with Playtech software?

I have played at Microgaming casinos, but I have never seen this Playtech casino software before. Are their games fair? What are some of the pros & cons of playing at their online casinos?

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  1. Yes, they are fair and reputable. Playtech is a publicly held company. Here is more information about their software and licensees:

    It appears as if they are very generous with their sign up offers for new players.

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  2. A Playtech casino software review is at

    They are very legit. I like their games and their loyalty programs and bonuses are fantastico!

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  3. Playtech slots are one of the leading casino slots on the internet. They have a great reputation and are fun to play! If you are unsure, why not use one of the free money bonuses and use mostly their money?

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