Do you have to bet the maximum to get the best payout for nickel slot machines at online casinos?

I know that progressives and land-based slot games are rigged to payout lower for lower denominations. How about online casinos? Should you play all lines and bet the maximum to get the best payout?

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  1. No. You can win that way but it cost’s more than the payout.
    You might have to make the maximum bet 100 times before you win anything.
    You have to be lucky to come out ahead.

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  2. A lot of classic nickle and quarter slot machines have features or payouts that are only available playing the max amount of coins. However, with multi-line nickle slot machines the payouts are based on what you wagered.

    For instance if a certain combination pays out 100 coins for 1 nickle, it will pay out 200 coins for 2 nickles, 300 coins for 3 nickles and so forth.

    None of the multi-line slots I have found have payouts that don’t pay if you are betting less than the maximum amount…except progressives.

    I regularly play the multi-line video slots for as low as a penny a line and still have great payouts. (I got a bonus round last night in Moonshine that paid over $50.00 and I was only betting 2 cents a line)

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  3. The answer is yes, when there is a progressive jackpot involved.
    It should be stated in the rules of that particular slot game so always verify first.

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  4. Your answer can be found at There is also information about online casinos there as well.

    In a nutshell, there are two reasons why you should always bet max. First, if there is a progressive jackpot and second, if there is a greater reward for winning with a max bet. An example of this would be when a 2 coin slot pays 4000 coins for a combination with 1 coin bet and 10,000 coins for a combination with 2 coins bet. As you can see, the 2 coin award is two and a half times the 1 coin award.

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  5. It is not that the machine ‘knows’ you are not betting the max coins and lines the way it works is this:

    It’s all about the payout table. On most machines the more coins you get the more each prize is worth. However, this really doesn’t change much for the lower prizes. Let’s say getting a single cherry on the win line pays 1 credit, if you are playing two coins it will pay 2 credits. So in effect there is no real advantage to playing 2 coins because you risked twice as much to win twice as much.

    However, if you are lucky enough to win the jackpot regular machines usually pay significantly more if max credits are played. Also most progressive machines will only pay the progressive jackpot if max coins are played.

    When it comes to the number of lines you play clearly the more lines you cover the more combinations are possible to give a win. So you increase your odds of getting a win, but again you increase the expense of playing the machine.

    Personally I think that nickle slots are a waste of time. I’d rather play a 1 2 or 3 winline quarter machine at max credits than a nickle machine with 9 or more win lines.

    Good luck!

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