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With online casinos a rage among gamblers these days, casino bonuses in the form of casino bonus codes, no deposit casino bonus and casino bonus promotions are liberally doled out to beat competition. As a gambler, you can get casinos to deposit funds into your account in addition to your own funds that you deposit with them. This is not a new phenomenon to attract customers as it has been in vogue since the days when only brick and mortar casinos were the only alternative for diehard gamblers.

It was usual for them to serve free meals and drinks to customers to entice them toward coming to casinos for gambling. Now there are thousand of online casinos, each vying for a slice of business and are coming up with new schemes to get the gamblers to stick around with them. With competition being fiercer than ever, some casinos go a step ahead by offering bonuses without the requirement of any deposit from gamblers. It is usually known as a no deposit casino bonus. The usual form of bonus before the rise in casino bonus promotions entitled you to get an equal amount of bonus to your deposit.

You can cash the bonus after playing for a while. If you deposit $50, you can get an equal amount of $50 as a bonus. Another form of bonus is the one you cannot cash in on. It says with the online casino and is sort of a cover for your wagering activity. If you take away the entire winning amount along with your deposit, the casino bonus promotion does not entitle you to a bonus. Another bonus that allows you some leeway is by allowing withdrawal from your deposit and winning amounts from the account you hold with the online casino.

But online casino bonus remains in your account till you loose the amount. Casino bonus promotions are meant to allow unlimited playing a much as possible to gamblers. It is also a way to beat competition and allow more than what another competing inline casinos offer. You would prefer to stick around with the one that offers attractive online casino bonuses.

Gamblers loved to play where no deposit casino bonus was allowed. They closed the entire account after playing with low house edge where casino bonus promotions were higher and more gamblers friendly. This form of casino bonuses made gamblers get away easily as in most cases the casino bonuses were not polished away by the house edge. To fight competition, online casinos were biting off more they could chew when they decided to make the requirement for wagering stronger. Casinos have since opted out of the casino bonus promotions that are heavily tilted in favor of the gambler.

It has made it harder for the gambler to bet for equal outcomes. To easily identify casino bonus promotions when gamblers make a deposit, casino bonus codes are used. 

Bottom line is, with legitimate bonuses, they are always good because, thanks to the bonuses players basically have an advantage over the house playing some classic casino games.

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