Best Casino Bonus

This best casino bonus is available for first time customers only. Unfortunately you cannot avail of it again and again. This bonus works as follows. The player has to download the software and register as a real player. The bonus is not available to those who play only for free or play only on no download games. Once the player activates the free play $500 (or whatever the amount given by the particular casino) is given to the player in the form of casino credits. The player?s timer also starts. He gets exactly one hour after which the software automatically closes down the free play.

Many casinos restrict this bonus to a specific game. This means that the player has to wager the $500 only on that game. The best casino bonus however is one that gives players the freedom to bet if not on all games then at least on a large number of games. There are some important conditions usually attached to this best casino bonus, which the player must be aware of. There is a minimum number of bets the player must wager in the given one hour. Normally 100 bets are specified. This is essential to prevent misuse of the bonus. If a player makes early winnings and then sits tight without wagering, it would defeat the purpose. If the minimum bets are not made the player is not entitled to the winnings. Also players should remember that this best casino bonus entitles them to the winnings only and not to any part of the base $500. Hence if a player ends up with a total amount of $300, that is he loses $200, then he gets nothing. The player must end up with more than $500. The bonus is whatever is in excess of $500. A third condition to this best casino bonus is that players have to deposit a minimum of $50 in their real money accounts in order to claim the winnings. The idea is that the players play at the casino after being given the bonus and not just walk away with the freebies.

A miniature version of the casino is used for this best casino bonus. It has a timer that lets you know how much time is left. It also has a counter for the number of bets made. So players need not keep track of these two parameters. However they have to be careful about a couple of things. This best casino bonus has to be availed of within 7 days of registering otherwise it lapses. The more important issue is that even if a player gets logged out the timer still runs and the time counts towards the given one hour.

Above all, the best casino bonus is meant to be a lot of fun. You have the casino?s money and one hour. Play to your heart?s content.

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