An Introduction to Online Casino Bonuses

However, not all casino bonuses were created equal and indeed bonuses can actually belong to different general groups that categorize what the bonus is, how easy it is to get and what the intention of the bonus is. Understanding which group a bonus falls into is critical for determining whether that bonus is useful for you.

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Deposit Bonus

This is the oldest type of bonus and indeed it is still the first bonus that many people will encounter when they start playing online at a casino. The deposit bonus is essentially a bonus that you get on the first deposit that you make with the online casino. This bonus is also generally the easiest one to clear as the online casino is trying out promotions to get people to play with them.

Reload Bonus

The reload bonus is something that is offered by the online casino to players that have already used up their deposit bonus, but have been playing at the casino long enough in their estimation to earn another shot at a bonus. Reload bonuses are typically similar to deposit bonuses in amount and percentage, but at the same time they are usually between two and three times harder to clear. If a deposit bonus has a 25x wagering requirement, one can expect a reload bonus to have somewhere between a 50x and 75x wagering requirement for the same amount of money.

Periodical Bonuses

These are online casino bonuses that are offered at regular intervals. While weekly and bi-weekly bonuses do exist in online casinos, most of the periodical bonuses offered at online casinos are offered monthly. Sometimes, the monthly bonus will be the only bonus a casino offers and they will not offer any deposit or reload bonuses. A monthly bonus is usually similar in amount to the deposit and reload bonuses, but has a wagering requirement that is somewhere in between.

Sticky Bonus

The sticky bonus is an interesting breed of online casino bonus and it represents an attempt by the online casino to provide a bonus and claim credit for doing so without actually having to pay out any money. A sticky bonus is a bonus that does exactly what the name implies. The bonus sticks to your account, making you unable to draw it like you would be able to with a deposit bonus or a reload bonus. Sticky bonuses are not offered by many online casinos at the moment, but you should be very careful about playing with a sticky bonus, remembering that you will never be allowed to withdraw it.


The above mentioned ones are the major types of online casino bonuses. There are certainly other types of bonuses available to people, but at the same time well over 95% of the bonuses that you encounter online will fall into one of these four categories. Therefore, knowing and understanding these four types of bonuses is the key to understanding the different types of online casino bonuses.

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